Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A little tour!

Well the sun was out for just enough time for me to get some shots, so as promised here is a tour of our little yard and garden!

This by our front side walk!
I love the Mama Chicken and her "3" chicks!

The other side of the side walk!

I'd been wishing for a Colonial flag for a while and Jon found one!
and I love the little door that he made me out of reclaimed boards.
(Oh, the sign on it say" Little is much when God is in it.")

Here is our little garden!
when I left for IN. everything was so little, not so any more:)

Our mail boxes!

This is Naomi's (our landlords) garden, her garden is just wonderful!!!
and her Larkspur is just.... WOW this time of year!!

Well that's it for now, we have a few more flower beds here or there, but the computer is slow tonight that's why the pix are small, so this will have to do.
But before I go I want to share a bit more from my heart with you!

The Lord was convicting me yesterday as I was working outside, I was so excited to do this little tour that I let the house work go INSIDE for a few days, and things are a mess. all because I was wanting to get the OUTSIDE looking cute and all ready.
That's what we as Christians do sometimes. We strive to keep things on the OUTSIDE looking good. making sure that we're all put together, the kids are clean and neat. and when asked how were doing we reply " Fine thanks!" But INSIDE where no one can see, were falling apart. there is sin in our Hearts, it's as dirty as can be, and we're not walking with the Lord.
So as you think about your life this week what does your INSIDE look like!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

Have a great evening.

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The Penelope Jane Blog said...

Thanks for your challenge, Carra! Beautiful garden!