Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rodeo Time!

Last night we took Liam and Lanna to the Rodeo! They had a blast just watching the Cowboys and Cowgirls. but I think most of all the the bulls chasing after the clowns!
The weather last night was very cool for what we have had and so the bulls were VERY ornery.
One " Might Mouse" so much so that after his ride to took off... No really he rammed the fence and then JUMPED it! and was lose in the fair grounds. it was quit the event!!! the kids were so into to it! the Cowboys were everywhere trying to contain " Might Mouse" But even after a attempt to lasso him he got away and when we left they were still chasing him!!!!
Liam loved that. and Said " Can I go help? " :)

Here's just a few pix from our evening!

Lanna Loved it!

Liam, WAY into it!

Their T~shirts

It was a very fun evening.
But again as I was sitting there in the grandstand the Lord was working on my heart. " How many of these people Know my Lord, How many of them will spend eternity with HIM,

Here in our own little 3 stop light town who has a true relationship with HIM?"

But the Bigger question... if the Lord would bring the opportunity would I be ready to share the HOPE that I have in HIM? Hummm. I have some heart checking to do this afternoon when the family naps this afternoon. I'm excited to see what the Lord has for me!

But would you be willing to ask your self that? Am I ready and willing to share the gospel at any moment? Just something to think about!!!

Have a great day!!!


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