Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elhanna Joy!!!

Our Sweet Little Girl turned 3 today!
She is so mature for her age she seems just a bit older, but I'd like to keep her little as long as passable!!! :)
At 3 she can...
Count to 15, say all her ABC's, help with house work. (she loves it. and often does things without being asked) watch baby A. for a few minuets for me, make her bed, feed the cat, and knows many bible verses!
She is such a JOY in our lives. defiantly lives up to her middle name!

We celebrated this evening at dinner with our family before Daddy had to rush to a meeting, so here's some shots form our day!

Daddy brought Lanna some Balloons on his lunch break!

The Dinner table!

Her Jello Cake!
( We"ll have a real one Sunday at her party!)

New Boots!

New to us Bike! ( A $5 GS deal!)

She was so excited about having a bike all of her own! she's been riding one of Liam's old ones!

That was our day!!!
So thankful for a new year to spend watching this Little girl turn into a little Lady.
We are so blessed!
Have a great evening!


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aje said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet girl! She is so precious! I cannot believe she is 3 already! Can't wait for our kids to spend more time together in the future! :)