Thursday, June 9, 2011

Indiana with Family!!!!!

This week the kids and I traveled to Indiana to be with my family as my youngest
sister gets Married to Clayton next weekend!!
It's been a busy time of planning, I'm having a blast being the wedding coordinator for my sister, it has been just a bit CRAZY and fun too! we have lots of little things to get done, but thankfully we have a lot done praise the Lord!!!
Mom and Cayla have been working really hard before I got here and everything is coming together really well. I just love weddings, and all the fun that goes into it to honor the Lord!!!
But were not all hard work and no play. we've taken time out to get together with the cousins at Busco's Splash Pad!
What a fun time to be together for to kids, it's been soooooooo hot here compared to our mountains of MD. so the splash pad was wonderful for the kids. and I have to admit us grown ups did too! :)
Here's just a few pix of the beginning of our week here in Indiana!

Aiden and Aida playing!
Aiden is such a Hoot right now, and this it proof! :)
Lanna is having a blast too! she is quiet the little helper.

Here's just a couple that we took before we headed to IN.

I just love my Boy's!!!
Our little Pumpkin before his hair cut!

I'll try and keep updating while were here, I've gotta say it is wonderful having the net right at my finger tips!!! this is wonderful!
So when time allows I'll up date form the past few weeks and months while were here!
I'm off to talk to my Sweetheart on the phone, and then to get some much needed sleep!
Till tomorrow!!!!!

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