Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hello and a Very Merry Christmas to you!!!
It's been a very long while since our last update and lots has happened!!!!
I'm not sure where to begin...
I guess with what Liam is up to these days.
He will be 10 months on the 1st. and is into everything, we turn our backs for just a min. and he is gone and making a mess, or eating something that he is not supposed to be, like cat food :(.
He is crawling and pulling up to everything!
He loves to eat. Carrots are his favorite. but he is really getting in to picking up things with his fingers too.
He is loving having the Christmas tree up with the gifts, he is quickly learning that it's a "No No" though.
Here are just a few pix from the last month or so!

Daddy says this is his crazy hair pix!

This was Liam's first time to see snow, he wanted to stay
in the window all day!

We found out just a few weeks ago that Liam is going to be a big brother!!!!
We had a ultra sound on Wed. and found out that the due date is the 19Th of July.We are very excited for Liam to be a big brother!
We are so blessed and the Lord is so good to us.

Thank you everyone for your Christmas cards and pix. it was so good to get caught up with some of you.
We pray that you are enjoying our Lord and the time that you share with family and friends this season, but don't forget the True meaning of this blessed time.

Have a blessed Christmas.
We love each of you.

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