Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at our House

Hello Everyone!
before we share our Christmas pix with you, here is Liam in his little elf outfit!

Okay here is the Christmas news and pix.

Good Morning!!!
We just wanted to update with pix. from yesterday.
We had a good day at home, we got up and made breakfast and then Liam took a nap and then We started our gift opening time with Daddy reading the Christmas story and then we went on to the gifts.
Liam enjoyed opening the gifts and then playing with the boxes and paper and then he would realize the gift that was there!
We were blessed with may fun gifts. we even had gifts from our families in GA. and IN.
Thank you guys for helping to make our day special. We love you guys and wish that we could of been there with you.
We ended our Christmas day with going to visit a friend of ours in the hospital.
It was a very very good day.
Here are the pix, Enjoy!

This was Sunday at church.

Our Big mess!

And last my little tummy! we are 101/2 weeks
We hope you enjoyed the pix.
Love you guys and have a great day!!!

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Tanya said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your little bump!! :) Your two will be about the same age difference as mine. Isabel and Zach are 17 months apart. I'll start praying for you NOW! :) The older they get, the more fun it is. What a blessing!