Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring is here and boy are we loving it!!!

The other day we were airing out the bed quilts and I couldn't help but do a photo shoot of the kiddo's!!

So fun!!! They are growing up soooo fast. I just can't get over it.
I know your thinking that I must be close to having "Lil Mr." and Yes we are, We are officially 1 week over due and they want to go ahead and induce me tomorrow. We have tried everything we know of and everything that has been shared with us to bring him naturally. But with no success. :(
 We are trusting the Lord to use our Dr.s to know what is best. and to help him come into this world
" Lord willing" sometime tomorrow.
Please be praying with us. to be honest with you I'm so scared to death. I've never needed to be in the hospital for anything but our kiddo's and so being induced and with the thought that I might need a c~section hanging on in the back of my mind is just about more them I can handle. But we serve a BIG God and we're trusting Him.  
So " Lord willing" by this time tomorrow I will be holding our sweet baby boy and our next post will be of his Birth~day !!!!!!! 
  Oh and too be praying my parents are coming in to help with the kids for the week and believe it or not we are to get a FOOT OF SNOW, Yes that white stuff from the sky! :)  tonight ~ Tue. so please pray that they can get here safe!! 


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