Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time with Pepa & Mema!

This week away has been so much fun, We are in GA.with Jon's family.
Our first vacation with Liam has been such a joy.
Here are some Highlights!!!

~Liam got to meet his cousins Corinne and Stephen! They had a blast getting to know each other and playing at Mema & Pepa's house. ( Jon's Dad and Step Mom's )

~ Liam got to meet his Granna ( Jon's Mom) for the first time.
It was a very special time for her to get to meet Liam and see how much Liam looks like his Daddy when he was little. Liam is her first grand baby!

~ We got to meet our good friends Darren and Ruby's Baby girls for the first time, Katherine & Kaitlynn. They are just one month younger then Liam. It was a blast to get to hang out with them. and for them to get to meet Liam too.
That same night we hung out with Mike and his wife Lesa. really good friend of Jon's when he was younger. It was so much fun just being with good
friends and reminiscing about the past.
Darren, Mike & Jon laughed till they were
rolling in the floor. Literally!
It was a sweet time together!

Today is just Wed. and so I'm sure there are many many more memories to be made as the week goes by.
We'll update more when we get home. and also
put some pix on too!

Have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

We had such a great time with you guys being here!!! Liam is so adorable and such a good baby. He is truly a joy. We love you alland are so glad you could visit! Love to everybody,
Aunt DeeDee and Uncle Rob (Robble)