Sunday, February 17, 2008


Happy spring time weather! We wish that it really was the spring, but we still have a few months left of MD winter to go. :(
The weather has been in the 30’s and 40’s. so Liam has wanted to be outside. But Mama still thinks that it’s too cold to be out for long. We’ve enjoyed short runs to the mail box and long looks out his bedroom window. He is definitely his Daddy’s boy. He loves the outdoors.
Thursday Grandma & Grandpa Zeigler will be arriving for the weekend. And also it’s the Parent/ Child Dedication at church. We are excited that they get to be a part of that special day.
We have an Ultra sound on Fri. We’re anxious to see if we can find out what the baby is going to be.
And then next weekend Pe-pa and Me-ma Moorman will be here for Liam’s Birthday.
We are very excited to get to see them!
We wanted to update everyone on my nephew too. As of Fri. theDr's are still at a loss to know what is wrong or what happened to his eye and why it has no sight. Please keep praying that the Lord will heal his eye and that we will have a way to share the glory of God through this with the Dr's.
We'll keep you poasted on how he is doing.
Here are a few pictures form the past few weeks.

Have a blessed week.
We love you.

Liam and Mommy got a big kiss form Daddy for Valentines day. Liam just loves it.
There is a story to the next two pix.!!!
On Mon. I put Liam down for his nap. and when I went to get him up I found him like this, and he was saying uh... meaning "uh oh" then next pix will tell you why! He had taken off his jeans and socks and through them on the floor.
What a fun job I have as Liam's Mommy!

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