Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Little Blessings

Happy Fall!!!!! The cool weather is here and it makes us want to stay inside and drink coffee and ready by the fire. But that's just not happening yet at the Moorman home, Lord willing maybe when the snow falls that we'll slow down.
We've been really busy this fall with lots of Ministry opportunities. it's been a blast to get to see old friends and meet many new ones.
The Lord has been so good to us!
We have had many blessings this fall. Our Biggest one would be our new Mini Van.
we had it about 2 months and have put over 3000 miles on it!!!
We love just love having a van.
The Kids are growing so fast.
Liam is 19 months old. and Elhanna is 11 weeks tomorrow!!!
They are our Biggest Blessings ever. We cherish our little ones and pray for the Lord's face to shine brightly on them.
Enough chatting....
I know that the Gmas are saying so get to the pix.
So here you go!!!
Love ya,
Have a Blessed week!

playing in the leaves today!

A fall thing we were at a few weeks ago.
These were taken at a house that we were house-sitting at a few weeks ago.
Liam thought it was fun to put stickers all over them!
These few were taken at the Fire Men's thing last Night 10-9 -08

Liam Ross!!!

Our Dare Devil.... and Wonderer!

Elhanna Joy!

Our Little bundle of Joy

and Smiles.

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