Saturday, September 5, 2009

Every Day Life!

Baby days are gone for our Elhanna Joy!
About two weeks ago she started to walk.
Mama was... happy but sad at the same time cause I knew that our Baby was taking the next step to becoming a "little girl!"
She loves the fact now that she can some what keep up with Liam, with a tumble her and there.
Today I scrub the knees of her little pants and it brought tears to my eyes, as I thought about it being one if the last times I need to scrub them.
Oh. I love that they grow up, but Boy I'd just love if it would last a little longer.
The Lord has been working in our lives in the area of our little ones and how they are "Arrows in our Quiver" that we are to someday shoot out into this world for His glory!
That Someday seems to be approaching all so soon!

We'll here are some pix for you to enjoy of the past few weeks!

I love that, a little bum covered in Cloth Diapers.
Up we go!

Here's just a few more...
Off she goes!
Love you Baby Girl!

I'm always trying to get a "Good One" of the little ones, and here's some examples!

"Please just look at Mama, We're gonna be late for Church!"

Ahhhhh! That one will due!The Things we go through to get a "good one"! :)

Oh I wanted to share that I won over a the Gaerte Gang some really great things!
Like a Home School T shirt from Great HomeSchool T
and also a Wonder Ball from Mystic Wonders and a Jump rope From Green Toys.
We've won a lot and I feel really blessed. I wanted to take the time to Thank Danielle for all the great giveaways and a great blog to follow for encouragement from the Word and good laughs too!
Head over there to see what she has gong on.
Thanks Again Danielle!
Have a great week!

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Genesa said...

Great pictures! I love the one of the 2 of them together!