Sunday, February 7, 2010

The past few weeks!

Finally time to come in and blog. It's been a crazy past few weeks.
But it's been a good crazy.
Jon finally got moved into his new office in the basement of our church, but we're still missing the net down there so I'm sitting in his old off freezing, so this will be a short blog, but with lots of pix for the Grandparents!
The kids and Jon are doing great loving all the time that we have had as a family this week.
We've stayed home all week it seems, witch I just love that down time together.
We've started the count down for Baby A. we're at 30 weeks already. so as Liam says" just 10 week to go!" We are getting excited.
Lanna wants to look at our "Your pregnancy week by week" book all the time to see baby AyAy. as they call him. It's been so fun with them.

The pix are from the past few weeks.
Sorry this is so short, but I'm freezing and need to get home to my family!

I got these little socks at "Good Will" the other day for .49 and Lanna just adores them.
I guess its a "girl thing" to have frilly socks!
She just loves them!

Liam is all in to doing the dishes right now! What a great little helper!

The other day we went sledding with friends from church, but as you can see we spent more time playing then sledding. Oh well it was a blast!

Lanna just loved being a Big Girl, she thought that she could do everything by herself!
Everything was extra slippery cause of the snow, it was great!

Taking a ride with Josh!

Back in Dec. we had a ton of snow, but I'm sure that y'all have heard about all the snow that we've been getting this week!
I'm not sure that I've seen this much snow in about 10 years, it's wild!!!
In all we have about 20 some inches.
Here's some pix of yesterday when we went out to play!
Snow Much Fun!!!
Where did the fence post go?

Looking out one of our windows!

Waiting on Daddy to clear the path for us!

Here we go through the snow wall.

not so fast! :)

Finally through!

Where did our Legs go?
So much Snow!!!!!!

It's hard to walk anywhere but on the road, or what is to be the road!

Lanna got tired of being pulled, she loves being a Big girl!
Our Neighbor girls dug out an Igloo to sleep in last night and so the kids wanted to see it. it was a blast. they are much braver then I am. I couldn't sleep out there!

Liam and Paula inside!
The next few pix I have loaded backwards! Sorry, But you'll still get the gist of them.
The Landing!

Can you see Liam flying

After the flying landing!

Crazy Daddy!

Have a very blessed week!

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Sab said...

Those are some cute pics! Looks like the kids had a blast in all that snow! And only 10 weeks to go! Wow! I'm only one week behind you... how crazy is that! Aaaack!