Sunday, July 11, 2010

30 years is a long time!

30 years ago three Sisters were pregnant at the same time. All three with baby girls!

July rolls around baby Jennifer was born, Oct. baby Carra, Nov. baby Michelle.
Three little bundles of joy.

Jen Michelle Me
30 years later the Lord blesses each of the girls with their own little ones.
Whoever dreamed that we would be pregnant at the same time?
Our Little Blessings all born within 5 months of each other!
Silas Kiley Aiden
The Lord is so good!
I love that I have cousins so close to my age, I thank the Lord for them.

Just about 30 years

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aje said...

Great post, Carra! I wanted to find that old picture of us while I was home, but didn't get around to it. Hope you don't mind me copying that picture and doing a similar blog myself. It is funny that we all had our babies together! What fun it was spending some time with you while we were home. Love you! ~Jen

By the way, love the pictures of the kiddos and Aiden is SOOOOO cute!! :)