Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He Can Anything!

Please keep praying for my Aunt and family.
Here is an update that I copied from my cousins facebook.

Yesterday... Tue.
"I really don't want to be making this update but know I need to. Mom's surgery did not go as planned. When the surgeon opened her up, he found that the cancer had spread and there were tumors in other areas that cannot be removed. He cut out part of the tumor to try to relieve her symptoms of not being able to swall...ow. She is now in ICU recovering and doing well. Pray for strength".

Today @ 4 pm.
"Mom is doing pretty well considering the surgery that she has just gone through. They took out her vent tube and finally got her pain meds regulated. She is awake and smiling and chatting with us! They are going to try to sit her up this afternoon. She knows that they couldn't get it all but not extensive details. ... Pray for strength and continued healing for her".
Please be praying with us.

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Genesa said...

We will keep praying! We serve a mighty God who can do anything! I'm glad you were able to update,Thanks!