Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun at G&G's

The kids and I traveled to IN this week to spend some time with my family!
We'll let me try that again... the Kids and and I were sent to IN. by Daddy so that he could work on a project! I'm not sure what it is, I'm just a bit nervous and excited to see what He makes for our surprise!
The weather is bitter so we've been spending our time inside with cousins!!!!! My sisters and their kiddo's have all been over for a good part of the day. the kids have just had a blast together.
So with playing hard comes no nap times and so with that they sleep reallllllly good at night!
bed time was really easy tonight. :) I like that kinda of bed time!
It amazes me each time were here how much everyone grows. all the boys seem to have grew a foot since Christmas, it's wild! Just a good reminder of how fast time goes by:(
Here's just a pix that I got off Mom and Dad's computer!

3 cousins playing around!
Story Time!
The Twins!!!
Have a great week!!!!

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