Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Morning Hike!!

This morning we went to Swallow Falls State park for a little Hike, it just about 20 min. from our house, and boy was it was such a blast!
Jon and I use to hike all the time when it was just to two of us. but to go with all 3kidd'os was a HUGE Adventure.
Liam loved all the rocks and logs to climb on and Lanna did her best to keep up with him, but she is very careful  with each thing she does and is very "Tareful" ( Careful) as she says!
Aiden was in the wrap most of the time, but squealed with delight as he watched L & L take their little adventures here and there! but when he got out was very quick to do what big brother was doing with just a little help from Daddy!
Here's just a few shots from our day!!

L & L!

                                                                  I just love this one!

That was our day!
We praise the Lord for such a great place to live with fun things to do just a few min. away!
Have a great evening,

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