Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Pounding!!!

So sorry it's been sooo long, life has been a buzz around here. You'd think that summer was still here by how busy we've been.
But so thankful for the fall and all the changing colors and just the season in it's self. and with the FALL comes the month of October, witch is Pastor Appreciation month!!!
This morning our church family blessed our 3 families with a " Pounding"  It's where they pound us with lots and lots of Love, Gifts of Groceries, Gift cards and Notes of Encouragement!
They also had Lunch planned for everyone, it was a great time of fellowship, and Boy! did we come home "Blessed !!!"
Here is just a little peek of what we were blessed with !!!

 We are so thankful for our Church family and just how much they love the Lord through giving and blessing us as their Pastoral staff.
Thank You Pleasant View Church family for the HUGE blessing of encouragement and love this morning. we are so thankful for you!
October is not over yet, so if you haven't taken the time to "Bless" your Pastoral staff. this would be a GREAT time to do it. and coming from a wife of a Pastor it means so much to your leaders to hear from you words of Love and Encouragement and just a simple "Thanks" from your flock!
Have a blessed evening!
I'm off to have a family Movie Night with my family!!! Just maybe a Christmas movie is in store. :)

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