Monday, October 8, 2012

South Carolina

We had such a great time visiting family in South Carolina!  The joy of watching our kiddos love on and be loved on so blesses my heart.
We spent lots of time out and about Charleston, but I'd have to say that the beach was the favorite of all!!!
Here, you tell me what you think. :)

 Jon's Dad and Step Mom came up for a few days too, it was good to see them!

The kids were so excited and amazed by God's AWESOME creation. and so was this Mama!
What a blast we had!
Have a great day. I'll post more pix here in the nest few days!

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Jacqueline@ said...

Carra Mama,
I am enjoying your blog!! And I must say you blog the way it probably should be done having little people~ short, memory and happenings-driven, and a wonderful pervading feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving! Sweet, sweet! Thank you for letting me know about y'all :]