Monday, May 6, 2013

Modest Monday!!

Good Morning!!!
Monday is here again and I'm just amazed how fast the weekend just disappears. 
We got the garage all cleaned up are all ready to set up for our Garage Sale this weekend. and you know what, more then having the sale I'm excited to spend the weekend with wonderful friends as we watch and help with the sale.
There is  always just something about fellowship that I can't get enough of. :)
The Lord is good.
So on the Modest Monday!!

Here is my outfit!  It was so windy when we were taking pictures that I had to hold my shirt down. :/

Here is one without the sweater, the plan was not to need a sweater, but it was chilly again before we left for church.

I had soooooo many comments about my hair at church, that I thought I'd share it with you. it's looking a bit messy here, but for going all morning and most of the afternoon it was ok!
I found the idea on facebook. :) and tried it. I'll share the picture in a min.
It was super easy and I did a version on of it on Lanna too. but we didn't get a picture of her's. 

Here is the pix. it was super easy to do with my hair wet. 

What I Wore.
Light Green Shirt: Good Will :)
Dark Brown Skirt: Hand me down from my Sister
White Camy: Gap
Peaky Toe "Mudd" Shoes: Garage Sale 
Earrings: Wal~mart
 Spoon Bracelet: Permire Designs

I'm so excited, this will be my last post from this computer!!! I have worked really hard and have finally saved up enough  money to buy a computer for me here at home! ( I've been using Jon's work computer.) and it's to arrive today. I'm soooo excited to be able to blog more often. :)
Tomorrow is our next DoTERRA Essential Oil Giveaway, so come on back to enter then!
Have a Blessed day!!


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