Friday, May 10, 2013

Treasures & Tulips

I love love love Tulips!!!
But what can be better than Tulips???

"Treasures and Tulips."

Our tulips around the farm are just amazing this spring so each year I drag the kiddos out for a photo shoot. ;) This year I chose a really bad time to do it, Quinn was ready for a nap. but I knew that if I didn't get it done that day that it just might be the last pretty day for the Tulips.

I just love love love our little "Treasures" each one so different from the rest and yet just so alike. Their blue eyes just melt your heart, and dimples..... Oh Man!

Quinn was just finished! But this Mama just loves the pouty face that was going on. :)

This was 2 years ago, I just love them in all their cute baby chubbiness!  With Quinn being born last year I don't remember taking pictures. WHAT??? I know, That would have been all the more reason to take them, but ??? oh well. :)

                                                                       Liam Ross
My smart, witty, outgoing, fun loving, outdoorsman. He is such a talker, he got to spend time this week with a sweet little friend from church. He was still trying to tell me stories the night he got home as he was falling asleep. He is such a hoot.
He loves to ride his bike, he goes round and round our house, one time he'll have his back pack on with a buddy sticking out the top of it, then the next time he just might have his hunting gun. ( a Big Stick) :)
And is officially done with Kindergarten!!!  

Elhanna Joy 
She is quiet and meek hearted, loves to help me around the house with little jobs, and is often found helping with Quinn. She is a great helper, and will be an awesome Mama some day.
She is not a huge talker till it's time to tuck her into bed. and then it seems as the flood gates open and you better have your bucket, cause she is overflowing with stories from the day. We love those special times with our little lady!

Aiden MacSheyne

Our Sweet "Macky" He is such a joy to have around, He is always humming a little tune as he plays, and is very content to play alone in a dirt pile, or with a " Digger" ( any kind of  tractor or truck with a bucket on the front.) as he calls it, or in the driveway playing with rocks. I think he is dirty 99 % of the time cause he just loves to play outside. He is 110 % ALL BOY!  and We love it!
So thankful for our Sweet Boy!

Quinn Michael
Our Little Monkey! He is not walking yet. but is all over the house. He plays little games as he learns to tease and have fun. His giggle is contagious, and his little "cloth diaper bum" is just adorable.
He is our first baby to always sleep with his bottom in the air. Oh my, I just can't get enough of him!
With Mother's Day this weekend, I'm not going to be with my Sweet Mama. I'm so thankful for her and her examples that she has set over the years.
Take time to call and love on your Mom this weekend. If your Mother is gone, and is home with the Lord. Remember her sweet legacy that she has left in your heart.
And if your Mom is  500 miles away like mine would you find a lady in your area or church that you could love on this weekend.
Well, It's day 2 of the Garage Sale, and are having a blast. the Kiddos are excited to be here today to help. Yesterday they were with a sitter.:)
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Here's just one more picture of a Tulip. ( This one was in my Kitchen for almost 2 weeks, Love it!)


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