Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tis So Sweet!

One of my favorite things about being home her in IN. is that Liam and Elhanna get to spend quality time with Papa and Gammy.
Tonight I caught this little clip of Liam and Gammy.
Thank you Lord for godly grandparents.

So today Mom watched our kiddos so that I could go dress shopping for a friend of mines wedding in July.
I looked all day and found nothing! Everything that I tried on was way skimpy, with a plunging neck line. I was so discouraged. What has happened to modesty.
I guess I just go with what I have. I'd make something but I just don't have the time these days, I'm just a bit busy! ;)
Any way....
I'm off to put my tired babies to bed and watch a movie with my little sis.
Have a blessed evening.


Danielle said...

Oh my goodness...make me all teary!!! Could he be any cutier...nope that is the cutest!!!! My heart melted even more at the end when he said "Mom want sit down here?" and pointed beside him.....keep that video safe!

Carra said...

What gifts our children are!
We are so very blessed.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet time we had together!
Love you Liam,