Sunday, July 26, 2009

Elhanna's Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had Lanna's little party!
Everything went well. the flowers and butterflies all played their parts well. :)
We had everyone wright a blessing for her on a Scrapbook page for her book. it was so neat to read all the prayers and blessing for her. We are so thankful for godly friends and family for her to grow up near!
It was a fun day here are some pix for the Gmas to enjoy!

Cup Cakes,Cheese Cake and Watermelon!
Time For Cake!
All Done Time for My bath!
Tub Time!
The Blessing page

She got some of the funnest gifts!!
a purse the talks, and a tea pot that sings!!!
And Babies to snuggle and so much more!

It was a great day we are so blessed !
If you want to add a Birthday Blessing for Lanna email me and I'll add it to her page for you!
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

1 comment:

Sab said...

My daughter has that exact same purse... from grandma at Christmas. It talks, sings, makes noise... but her favorite part is the rattle lipstick (hahaha).

Those are adorable pics, and the scrapbook page is an awesome idea! *steals*

Happy birthday, Lanna!