Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Baby it's Cold Outside"

The Weather outside is Frightful (and man I wish it would stop snowing), but the Fire is so delightful, (if Mama can keep it going.).
So thats how our week has been. Freezing cold tempts and Lots and Lots of Snow!
did I say Lots of snow yet? man we've received so much so that I've cleaned of the side walk 3 times in one day just to keep it some what clear.
The snow is about 3 feet deep and it just keeps coming!
So with that the kids and I have stayed in about all week. Except for a Dr. appointment for
baby A. and even then it was not fun to out in it!
We have had a blast just playing and hanging out as a family. Mama wished that Daddy could stay home too, but someone has to work! ;)
Here's just a few pix that I took on the way out this afternoon on my way up to the church to blog.

We have about a 12inch over hang of snow and Ice on the roof!

So with all the snow we are playing lots and lots inside.
Here is Liam with his "Fat Cow and Skinny Cow" from Sunday School. Can you guess what Bible story they are learning about?
He just loves his cow's it's going to be a sad day when they get all yucky!

and Ellie Joy with her baby and Sling.
she got it for Christmas, it's the cutes little thing, it makes me want one for Baby A.

We'll thats about it. it brings you up to date with the Moorman household.
Baby A. is doing great. we are at 26 weeks and he weights about 1.5 lbs. and getting stronger each day. My pregnancy has gone by so fast. I'm so ready to have him here to snuggle and love on. Daily Liam and Lanna want to play with BabyA. and I just don't think they quit understand that he'll be tiny when he's born! Owell he'll be here soon and they will get to see their little brother!
Have a blessed week and stay warm!
Until next time I get to blog.

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Genesa said...

Hey Carra! I've never tried baking soda in my diaper wash. I've read so many different things about it, it scared me off! =) Most things said you needed to use vinegar along with it. Some places said just use vinegar. I read so many conflicting things that I decided to forget it. All I use is Charlies soap. I still sometimes have issues with stink (sometimes I think that just goes along w/ cloth diapers) Some people swear by using dawn (dish washing liquid) to strip them. I've heard others say to use bac-out. (i never tried it, I guess you can get it at walmart, never looked tho) Some people say to use oxiclean....
I guess my only advice would be to do a few extra rinses to make sure the soap is out after the wash. Most of what I've read says that's why they get stinky. (They still have soap in them)
I'm not sure if that helps or not, hope so!!!!