Friday, January 22, 2010

Date Night!

A few weeks ago Jon and I were getting ready to go out on a Date and Liam asked what we were doing... To make a long sweet story shorter he asked if He and I could go out on a "Special Date"
but with out sissy and Daddy.
Liam had gone on Daddy dates to Lowe's and Ace, and to do other Man stuff. but never a Mama Date!
So a few days later Daddy told Liam to go get Dressed that He was going on a date with Mama!
He was so excited!!!!
He came out of their room with his Hawaiian Shirt, this shirt was Jon's when he was little.
Jon asked him if he wanted to wear something else and he said " Nope this is my special shirt for my Date with Mama".
It was a sweet time just he and I. We went to Mc Donald's and got Ice cream cones and hot apple pies. it was so thrilled to have his "Own." then we went to Wally World to find a fun treat.
we came out with a the movie "Homeward Bound" He was so excited to have a movie with Dogs an Cat in it! Oh to have that sweet simple mind set.
We had a blast and such sweet memories were made in just those few minutes.
The Lord really used it to blessed my heart. it's not that often that I get just one on one time with my babies, but how important and special that time is. we really need to do it more often!
So here's just a few pix from Liam and I's first date!

All ready to go in she Special shirt!

Too Cute!

Have a Blessed weekend!

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Sab said...

That is absolutely adorable! I want to do that with each of my kids... hopefully on a regular basis too! Aww, I love how excited he is about McDonalds! :)