Sunday, September 19, 2010

New phones!

This week we had some sad happings going on. Our old flip cell phones thought that they we not like to call each other, and the sad thing was that the kids and I were to go to IN. The next day. So off to the new phone store we went.
As y'all know I'm so not a "techy" so all the new phones look just a bit scary to me. But out we came with some of the most up to date phones there is.
One of the cool things is that I'm up dating right now with it.
I stil have lots and lots to learn about it, but I think I just might like my " little Android" .

Please be praying for my Aunt. She is back in the hosp. and is lots and lots of pain.
The Lord is teaching me so much about who He is and how BHe is going to receive the glory through this tough time for our family. Most of all the He is Good in all this, so how am I going to act and react? The poor me attiude or the one that is going to point oters to Him, so they can see that even like Job, we can still bless the Lord. And trust Him to do what HE think is best. And how it would be so sweet for her to be with the Lord.
Thanks for praying with us. We covet your prayers. We serve a Mighty God.


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