Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Renaissance Fair Day 2

So Sorry it's taken me so long to get Day 2 up for you. We've been really busy this week and my days have been so weird cause of having Mon. off.
O well!
Today we Canned Veggie Soup and Apple sauce. I just loving putting away food for this winter. knowing that we'll have "healthy, good for us" food to eat when the snow starts to fly! :(
But need less to say I'm shot and the house is a mess so I'm ganna keep this short, so that I can get just a bit more done before bed time.

So now on to day 2!!!!
Lets see... we got there before the Castle gates opened so that we could watch the Pre~ Shows. kinda cute, just some little acts to get you to come later to their events !

We had some great food, but no Huge Turkey legs, we didn't really feel like one. and just walked around. it was a fun day.
We ended up heading home about 2 just so we could relax just a bit before Mon. ( Jon had to work).
Here's just a few more pix for you to enjoy!

Just the Three of us!
Aiden and the King and Queen!
Jon got picked at one of the shows to be the "Helper" It was a hoot. I cried so hard with laughter. so much so I couldn't see to take pix.

His stage name was " Bubba" So fun.! and for our LA friends. Should I say Stud Muffin?

Well that was day 2 in a nut shell. we had such a great time that " Lord willing" we'll take the whole family. but each of us dress up to play the parts.
Sooooo much fun.
But I still think the most fun was when I went to get the kids, and Liam came running to me. Saying, " Mama, I haven't seen you in so long, please don't go away again." priceless!


Ivy said...

Wish I lived closer. I know I could learn a lot from you about canning and "storing" food for the winter. I also think you would be a great source of encouragement in mothering slightly different from the rest of the world. Sometimes I feel like I am "weird" because we do things different (like cloth diapering).

Carra said...

Me to Ivy, I know what you mean in the whole mothering thing. but I know we're doing what tha Lord would have us to! It's all for His glory and pointing our Little ones to Him.
And Cloth Diapering is soooo much fun! I love it. So glad that you do it to.