Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Made Laundry Soap!!!

A few weeks ago we had a Ladies luncheon at church, it was such a great time of sharing and great "Lady Like" yummy yummy food!
One of the ladies shared how she makes and uses homemade laundry soap for her family, She went on to talk about how it's just about $.20 a gallon to make it. Yep!!! you read right $.20 a gallon to make it!!!!!
When she said that I was in. I was ready to make it.
Any way that I can save $$$$ is so exciting to me. I love that if we can save more on everyday life stuff, the more $$$$ we have to giveaway for His Glory.
Any way, so we planned that day to get together that next week and make it.
We had a ball. we each made some kinda of bread to snack on and got together. it was so much fun and Soooo easy to do. and the bread each of us made was so yummy!

I'm not going to go into detail about how we did it. but if your interested in it, leave me a commit and I can email the info to you!

So here is all you need to make it. and then just add water!

The beginning!

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and really like it.
Aiden has really sensitive skin and it's working with him, so that again is saving us lots of $$$$ on not having to buy baby detergent.

Oh so fun!!! We had a great day of fun and encouragement while saving $$$$. and my heart was so blessed just to be with other Moms and Grandmas who love the Lord and want to bless their families.

Like I said earlier, if your interested in making your own , leave me a commit and I can email the info and recipe to you!



Katie Scott said...

Hey Carra! I would love the recipe...Do you know if you can not add the water and make a powdered detergent? I just don't really have room for the size of bucket it looks like you have there....Thanks!

Jason said...

Hey Carra. Hope things are going well. My wife is big on making as many things home made as possible, i.e. household cleaners, toothpaste and such. I'm sure she would love the recipe for a home made laundry degergent. Hope things are going well.