Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall is comming to an end!

Fall is just about over here in MD and I'm just now getting our pix up.
It's been a really fun season full of lots of family fun.
I want to post about our trip last weekend to the Corn Maze with our church family.
It was a wonderful day with our dear friends, I'm not sure that we really ever truly made it to the end of the Maze. But it was a great day and the kids had a blast just enjoying God's creation and being out with our friends.
Here's some shots of our day!

Lanna and Daddy on the Hay Ride!
Farmer Liam!

family fun! ( The Foy's)

Our Little Family!

Our family has been really busy this fall with lots of fun stuff. But now that it's the end of Oct. and we've had our first snow flurries that it's time to get all our Christmas Decor. I know your saying " What so early, it's not even Thanks Giving yet." but we spend Thanks Giving in GA. with family so when we get home from there it's Christmas. so this week I'll spend the week slowing putting up our decorations, and then next weekend we'll put the tree up!!!!! I'm so excited. and the cool thing about Christmas this year is that I'm just about done shopping already except for the grandparents and Daddy!!!! I did all our shopping for our kids during garage sale season, and so I have just a few hand made things to do and a couple projects for Hubby to do and were done!!!!
Well were off and running were out of milk and so Wal~mart here we come.
I have lots to share with you I've been researching and learning alot over the past few months about natural things and how to make our home healthier for my family.
I'll share more with you when I have time.
Until then, Happy last few days of fall!

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