Monday, October 11, 2010

What a weekend!

What a blessed weekend I had, for starters it was our home town fall fair called Autumn Glory. It was a great time of being outside in God's awesome creation and being with church friends. On Sat. We do a service on the streets of our little town. It's my fav. Our praise team and children's chior sing and we have a huge puppet ministry that shares and my Hubby got to share the Gospel. And ended with a great parade.
And on Friday my Sister~ inlaw had their twins. Elin & Ava!!!! So exciting. Both girls are doing well, and are super Adorable. We can't wait to see them at Christmas, until then pix. will have to do.
And to top off the weekend yesterday was my 30th birthday! My day was filled with lots of warm wishes and a party given by my sweet Hubby inhonor of me. Each guest as they arrived gave me a rose. And so you guessed it by the end of the evening I was blessed with 30 of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen. It was a great evening.
I'm sooooooo very blessed.
Thanks to everyone who helped to make my day so very special.
And today our sweet little baby boy turned 6 months!!!! I'll try and post so new pix of him tomorrow. I need to do a photo shoot of him tomorrow all sitting up like a big boy. I was so not ready for that but he's loving it!
So that was my weekend in a blurrrr. I pray you had a blessed weekend too.


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mmwhan said...

Happy belated birthday I totally forgot to wish u and tiff a happy birthday time just flies by. How's it feel to be an old lady? lol i can say that for a month! Sounds like you had a great birthday hope your soap stand went well! Love Michelle