Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in IN.

We pray that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!!
We sure did!
My post this morning is going to be short, but filled with lots of pix!
We are to pull out this morning in a few hours, and so I want to spend the last few min. with my family!

Our Nativity !
Liam was out fainting sheep again this year!

Mom and Dad's Tree was beautiful!

Aiden loves his Papaw
We were so excited to finally meet our new neice's!!!
They are just Precious!!!!!
Elin & Ava

Grandma and the Girls reading some books

Each year we all look forward to spending time with All the cousins,
so with everyone here we make 32 of us, and we are missing Little Adia (my neice from Ethiopia who should arrive in March!!!)


Lanna and Liam's 1st Sledding
Mama was a wimp I stayed inside and held a baby, but we saw a video of Liam snowboarding down the hill. He loved it. I think were in for it now that he's done it, he's gonna want to
snowboard when we get home!
Lanna & Uncle Carry

L&L with Aunt Carla
the Girls!!!

Well thats it for now!
I have a few more pix to put on but their still on the cam. so I'll get to those when we get home.
Have a blessed week, and a Happy New Years!!!!

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