Friday, December 16, 2011

Chirstms cards!!!!

It's just 9 days away from Christmas day!!! it's so hard to believe that it's just about here.
Our little home is all prepared and the stocking that I finally got done (after saying for 3 years that I would do some) are hung!
Last year a dear friend gave us a Christmas advent calendar for this year, we have just loved doing it each night with the kids, so much so Hubby is going to build one that's just a bit bigger for the years to come.
This week week we also had our Cookie exchange, ( and I for got to take pix. :( sorry! ). it was a great time with lots of  families, some singing and lots of yummy food!! We loved it so much that we will start doing it each year!
We are getting really excited about our next big trip, we're heading to GA. to be with Hubby's side of the family for the Christmas week.
So enough of an update for now. remember in my last post how excited I was about Christmas cards?
Well in the past few days the kids just about can't wait till the mail man brings the mail. they race to the box to see if we have received any cards. yesterday we got 5!!! they were so excited I just had to share it with you!!! 
Here's some pictures I took of them! 

Thanks for the blessings!!!!

Just love Aiden's face in this one!
In our kitchen we hang all of our cards for the weeks to come so that we can enjoy each one, and pray for the families as we look through them!
 We want to thank each of you that have sent us a Christmas card and up date!
Have a blessed day, I'm off to spend time with my kiddo's.
Merry Christmas!

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