Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

With December here I can't wait to go to the mail box and find those wonderful little Christmas cards and letters from our friends and loved ones. I was so excited to receive our 1st one today, and hung it up to wait for the rest of our cards!!!
I feel like Christmas cards are kind of a thing of the past, but I love them!! and that it means that someone took the time to think of our family and wants to bless us. it just delights me so much!!!  I look forward to scrapbooking all the pictures to look back on in the years to come too!
So with our awaiting excitement to have a card or two in our mail box each day I couldn't wait to get our Christmas card and letter out.  So today was the day, They are all out!!  we'll hand deliver a few to our church family and friends here in the next few days and weeks.
  I want to share our Letter with you my blog friends too, and if your on Christmas Card list, you'll just have to resist the the "want" to read it and wait till yours arrives. ; )
So here is our "2011" Christmas letter!

Merry Christmas!!!
It’s hard to believe that the Christmas season is here already. Our year has just flown by.
We’ve had a very blessed year with lots of Joys and Sorrows too. The Lord is always faithful through it all to grow our love for Him in a neat way!

Liam ~ Now 4. Loves to ride his bike and climb trees, higher then Mama really likes! He is growing tall and into a little man. He is a joy and a blessing to have around!

Elhanna ~ Our happy healthy little 3 year old is rarely seen without a pencil and paper in hand. She is becoming quite the “Little Mama” always with a helping hand, or telling the boys what to do.

Aiden ~ Now 19 months, with his little sparkling blue eyes and smiles galore; there is never a dull moment with him around. He helps this Mama remember that, “A clean house isn’t always best.” He is a precious little treasure.

Jon ~ Is very busy at the church, studying and teaching. He loves to spend what little free time he has in the garage, or “shop” as he calls it, building as many projects that this little wife can come up with. He is such a great Daddy, Always giving of himself even after a long hard day at the office! I’m so thankful the Lord gave him to me to be his helpmate!

Me~ This fall an interesting one for me. In Aug.I became really sick, and tired all the time. We were very quick to find out that we were blessed with another “Little treasure” to arrive in April. So, my time has been spent in getting as much done in the mornings and a nap time in the afternoon. This pregnancy had been the hardest yet. But so thankful that we are in the second trimester and feeling MUCH better! Between rough times I have managed to get a few projects done!

May 2012 grow you ever closer to our Savior.

Jon, Carra, Liam, Elhanna,
Aiden & Baby
                                                    And here is the Pix from our card!

We just got back from visiting my side of the family in IN. and I thought I share just a few pix with you!

Our Nativity with a  real 2 week old baby Jesus!

Our kiddo's with my Parents!
It has become the tradition each year to do a family pix with all 35 of us!!
 ( counting our baby boy on the way!)
My parents are so Blessed!! This is just my siblings and their families, and my parents, :)

Have a Blessed day!
I'm off to wrap some gifts before the kids wake up! :)

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