Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quinn's Birth Story

Quinn's Birth Story!
As promised here is our story of the birth of our latest "little treasure".

April 22~     41 weeks

 The Lord saw fit that Quinn's birth was going to be different then any of our other births, After much prayer and getting counsel from all of our Dr.s we decided to be induced because he was not coming naturally, and we were at 41 weeks along. I was scared to death, I've only every heard bad things about being induced and had no desire at all to go down that road. But the Lord uses godly men ( Our Dr's. ) to help counsel us to go ahead and get induced.
The date was set for  Monday April 23, 2012 at 8 am. 41 weeks and 1day pregnant!

 Sunday night I rocked Aiden to sleep one last time as "my baby" I almost cried. his little world was the one that would change the most in the next few days!
I feel asleep that night praying for our sweet children and the changes that were going to take place in their lives. they were each super excited that Quinn was coming tomorrow and had a hard time falling to sleep.
 Monday morning... Our babysitter arrived and we took a quick last picture as "a family of 5 " .
 With quick kisses we were out the door.
 As we drove to the hospital the snow was falling,( yes, it was snowing, our only day in April that it snowed.) Jon held my hand we talked through how we thought the day would go. and the changes for our sweet kiddos. I was nervous, but excited too.
We got unpacked and preped, and began the process at 9 am.
 We wanted to go the most natural way as possible. They used a little pill in the uterus to get the contractions going. but after 2 pills and almost 10 hours later we were only at 5 centimeters. We talked through what would be best, I was worn out and discouraged by this point.( even with all the TLC and HGTV that I could watch. :). )We decided to break my water. and things began to speed up and get much harder.
by 9 pm. we decided because I was so tired that we would go with an epidural. it was about 11pm when we go it started. but 11: 20 I was needing to push.  they sat me up and I was complete and  ready to push!!! I was over joyed that it was finally here, and Lord willing I'd get to hold our baby boy very soon! I pushed for 6 minutes, and He was here, but Dr. Proter and Jon began to work really fast. the cord was wraped around his shoulders in an X shape and was keeping him from coming down. they put him on my chest for a for minute and then whisked him away to give him oxygen and that's when I heard his first real cry, and this   Mama cried too! It was a scary few moments for me not being able to see what was going on. We are so thankful for our Dr's. and the wisdom the Lord has given them. With everything happening so fast I had to ask if Jon even got to cut the cord. and he did!!  :)
  and in the end I got to enjoy the epidural for the last few minutes of being sewn up. :)

                                                                 Quinn Michael Moorman
                                                                           11:28 pm
                                                                8lbs. 3oz. 21 inches long
  My first look at Quinn!
                                                         Daddy's first snuggle with Quinn!

 Liam, Lanna & Aiden got to come in the next morning!!! I was so good to have our little family of "6" all together!!

                                                              We love this picture.
 Wednesday Morning after lots of guest and lots of relaxing we were ready to go home.  this is what Quinn thought of his car seat for the first time!
Thank you all for praying for us, all the help with the kiddo's, meals and love!!! We have been so blessed this week!!! We are doing well, Quinn is up to 8lbs, 5 oz. and only waking up once to eat at night!!!
Please keep us in our prayers as we go through this journey to lead our children, and raise them to honor the  Lord and "Lord willing" some day soon each will come to know the saving power of our Lord. and His sweet forgiveness.



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Congratulations Carra! He is beautiful!

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What a beautiful little guy! I enjoyed reading your story!

The Humbled Homemaker said...

What a beautiful story!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I was overdue with my most recent baby and was almost induced. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience!! Praise God!