Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Summer Canning and Freezing Begin!

One of my all time favorite thing about the summertime is all the food that we can and freeze for the winter. and this week to my excitement we have put in the freezer 10 quart bags of broccoli, and 4 batches of yummy jam!!!
 I can already taste the yummy broccoli soup and homemade bread and jelly!!! 

Here is the yummi~nss just beginning! all thanks to Mrs. Naomi Yoder!
 ( she had lots of extra this week.  wahhoooo!)

 We've  picked 45 cups of Red Raspberries this summer and we've froze lots and lots, but boy! do we love freezer jam so I'm trying my hand at putting it up. so far so good!

I 'm so excited to see what our little garden will produce this summer. so far lettuce and a Green pepper!
Thanks Lord!!!

Have a Blessed day!!

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