Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loving Living on the Yoder's Farm

We are so blessed to live on a farm. (We rent across the road) 
Growing up I visited my Grandparents farm for the day, but living on the Yoder's farm we see the daily in and outs of the "fun" that happens!
And our Kiddo's have learned sooo  much too, I'd never trade these 7 years for anything!

The other night Daddy was sick so the kids and I took an " Adventure Walk" around the farm. here is some of the fan! 

Who can resist a calf sucking on your hand? Not my Sweet Liam!

Playing on the fresh shaving pile!

After they play in the shaving pile I know that a good bath is in order as soon as we walk in the door!
What do you think??? :)

And you "Always" need a good Mooooooing as our kiddo's call it.
 ( where they stand at the fence and Mooooooo till the cow moooo back!) 

One last picture, Liam thought that Mama need a picture too!

Some day when your not busy come see us, we'd love to have you. we"ll have a messy good time!


NC Buckeye Fans said...

Oh we are so jealous! My kids want to move to a farm so bad! What do you say we do a homeschool fieldtrip to your place one of these days!

Carra said...

Sure thing Lisa!!!
We'd love to have you, we can even go for a swim in the pound!