Thursday, April 4, 2013


This is what they use to look like! :)
 I've stared Spring Cleaning just a bit. and I have set out to learn how to successfully fold sheets NEATLY!!!
I use to get so frustrated at the messy closet, a try and keep everything neat. it just wouldn't work so I would just close the door and hope that they would stay put. but know how that always ended! :)
So now you can see why I have wanted to learn how to fold them NEATLY!! :)

So far so good, here's a few pix with what I have learning!

Step #1
Tucking the corners is always fun!

#2 Fold in half again!!

 And again and again, and again!!!! Just keeping everything nice and flat!

Add the extra pillow case to your little stack and place them in the other pillow case. add a cute little tag and ribbon!

I love that it't all neat and you have both pillow cases, you don't have to go hunt for the pillow cases, that  somehow always seems to get lost in the closet. so nice to have them right there with the sheets! :)
Hope this helps you out as you start your spring cleaning!
Have a Blessed day!


Wendi said...

My mom taught me how to fold a sheet that way when I was young. I think of her everytime I fold a fitted sheet. :)op

Sab said...

I just learned this from my sister in law! And then saw it again on Pinterest! Mine never looks as nice as that though, haha. I don't have the patience, I guess! But I love the idea of putting them all into one of the pillow cases!