Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Shaklee?

This weeks' Shaklee Post will be just some info on why we chose Shaklee to help supplement our income just a bit. It's been a great adventure for us.  

The Shaklee Corporation is a company that makes health products that are internationally known from their effectiveness and great composition of all natural ingredients.
Roger Barnett, who is the CEO and chairman of the Shaklee Corporation, graduated from Yale Law School with an undergraduate degree and a masters in business, this enabled him to get some top jobs that eventually led him to head the Shaklee Corporation.
Already known internationally, Shaklee is very competitive in bringing the latest health products that are effective, safe and proven to the people who need them.

The Shaklee Corporation offers a wide range of products for nutrition, weight, beauty and for the home.
With 3 statements for the product philosophy, which are
                              “always safe”, “always works” and “always green”,
they are one of the leading health products manufacturers globally.
      *Always safe – which means their products are properly tested, and are considered safe for all   types of people.
      *Always works – which means that they don’t fool around with cheap gimmicks in order to make a quick buck with their clients.
      *Always green – which means that they use only the highest quality natural ingredients in their products.

 I know I've blogged about our cleaning products before, but I just love them, so I wanted to share a bit more with you! 

didn't think I was going to like the Shaklee cleaning products as much as I do. I've been using or making my own natural cleaning products for a while now:  Simple Green, Seventh Generation, Vinegar, But guess what? I love the products!!!!!

Here is what I love the most about the Basic H2: it’s effective, it’s gentle, and it’s odorless. I never realized how much the smell of cleaning products bothered me until I was spot cleaning the carpet this weekend. Boy!!!  But you spray Basic H2 and no chemical smell comes at you. No particles get into your nose. It doesn’t bother your lungs. It’s very gentle and oddly effective at cleaning just about anything. So far I haven’t encountered any cleaning project Basic H couldn’t handle.
I was so curious how it works, because it uses sooooo little, but works sooooo well.So I asked,  Basic H2 is organic. It’s patented formula is made from corn and coconut!!

 I know people who bathe their dogs in it. I even know one person who brushed her teeth with it as toothpaste. Shaklee was the first company to ever market a biodegradable cleaner and as far as I can tell Basic H2 is still the best one out there!

Jon and I are so excited the end of May we are hosting our Grand Opening Party!!!
 Our Dear friends and leaders are coming in from Canada to help us celebrate!!!
We are dreaming BIG and Praying that the Lord would bless our Shaklee Business for His GLORY!

If you would like more info on Shaklee you can click on the yellow Shaklee box on the left. I'd love to send you more info, or have you join my team to help you supplement your family income!

Have a Blessed Week!!!

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