Friday, April 3, 2009

Is life a blur?

Good Morning!
Life at the Moorman home has been a blur this week, everything form spring cleaning to trying to make Easter outfits for the kids.
It's seems as though there is never enough time in one day to get all that I have planned done.
Owell, there is always tomorrow!
Here's just a few pix from our crazy week!
Laim found my Sharpe in my sewing basket and thought it would look good on his skin!

About once a week we have a " Pillow Party" at our house, the kids just love to romp and play and this week it's been rainy, so it was a great way to use up some of that extra energy!
Liam gettn it all ready!

Lanna is still learning how so get Bubby!
I think she's had enough!

Oh, I forgot to share with you I won a Skeeda shopping bag
in a giveaway a few weeks ago from 5minutesforgoing green.
I just love it Liam does too!

Too Cute!
Thanks for a great giveaway!
Have a great week!


Genesa said...

It looks like fun!

Sab said...

That is too cute! Love the pillow party idea. We used to make forts using every blanket in the house. So much fun to fall asleep in.