Saturday, April 17, 2010

All so new!

I'm up to blogging again. Yea!!!!!
This has been a good week getting everyone use to having baby Aiden here.
My Mom and little sister were here all week to help out with the older two, that was a huge blessing. They made me feel like a queen and helped Liam and Lanna adjust to the baby!

Everything with Aiden's birth went very quick. we arrived at the Hospital at about
2pm and he arrived at 3:43 pm.
Jon was a huge blessing durning labor. He wanted to Bunny hop all the way up to the birthing center to help Aiden come faster. Faster!!!! we didn't need I guess! :)
We arrived home @ about 3am on Tue. morning! Long story short... the hos. was all filled up and Aiden was the oldest and so we "chose" to come home. All is well and I got lots and lots more sleep at home then at the Hos.!
Yesterday we had him to the Dr. and he was 6lb,11oz. already!
He is a great baby and L&L are doing great with him, any time he cries Lanna is quick to say "Oh baby!" It's precious.
The Lord is so good, each time I think through the last 9 months and how Aiden grew inside me I stand in Awe of our God and how He forms little ones inside a Mama.
And yet people still say " There is NO God."It boggles my mind.
Thank you so much for all your prayers, We covet them greatly!

Have a blessed week!

Aiden loves the wrap already! I just love these things too. I'm looking for some new boyish fab. if anyone see some sweet stuff in browns!

I just love this one. 4 days old.

Family pix time.


Anna said...

Hey Guys!

Those pictures are beautiful, Carra. As is Aiden. :)

So glad you have had a great first week with him. Can't wait to meet him!

Much love,

Anna B.

Gaertegang said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Lanna dress! Did you make it? WOW family pics already! You are on top of things girl!! Very cute...get all the rest you can while you have the help!!

Sab said...

Such a beautiful family photo! You are so blessed! :)

NC Buckeye Fans said...

love those family pictures! the kids sure do love their new little brother! so sweet! life just keeps getting better and better.