Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen !

Good Morning!
We just wanted to Praise the Lord for this beautiful Resurrection morning.
The Kids woke up in great moods and we had a blast just getting them ready for church. For Breakfast we had an Easter ring. When Jon was little his mom always made them one with hard boiled eggs in it. It was yummy!
Then we did their baskets and were off to church to worship with our family here!

But this weekend we had a blast. We had a Garage Sale( and did great!), did an Egg hunt and dyed eggs. and made hand print Lilies too!
We had so much fun,the kids are at the great age that everything is fun and messy. It's all so new to them that it brings us joy just watching them learn about the reasons why we celebrate and The true meaning of Easter. His death and Resurrection.
Oh yesterday I had the kids put on their New outfits for today and took pix, just so you G~Parents could see!

So here is our pix from this weekend!
I'm still have com. issues and so I can't put any info between the pix. and there is a line of just "aldfjoeor " in there, sorry the more I play with it the more I mess them up.
so we'll just have to leave them like that!
Has any one else had issues like that lately? Let me know, I'd love to have it back to the old way!

Oh the pix that didn't show up... you can still click on it and it will come up. it's a pix of a new way that we learned to dye eggs. you take a "silk" tie and boil it. they truned out ok!

Have a Blessed day and Know that we would love to be spending the day with all our family far away!
We love you.

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