Sunday, September 2, 2012

1st Week of School!

I started a new journey this week, one that I've dreamed about for years, but always thought that that it was years away. Not so much!
My 1st baby boy is 5 years old, and with that comes school...  Homeschool!!!
Our first week of Homeschool went really well. we had lots of fun learning. 

My Kindergardener!
       He loves History and Math.

My Pre~K Girl
She loves it all. 

Our Busy Buddy!
The whole time I was doing school with the kids my sweet little Aiden was destroying our house. it from clean to MESSY in just a few minutes!
When I asked Aiden what he wanted to be when he got big like Daddy he said " Me."  :) such a CUTIE!

So on to Week #2 of our new Adventure we go. the kids are super excited about what they are going to learn this week!
 If you have any advice about how you keep your younger kiddos out of big trouble while you do school I'd love to hear about it. Thanks so much!!

Have a Great week.

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Genesa said...

LOL! Good luck! Does he like to color? Color wonder books are great because they don't make a mess. We have a canvas storage bin that holds large wooden beads to lace, stacking pegs, pon pon balls to put in and out of things like an ice cube tray.