Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just thinkin!

This past week has been interesting with VBS and all. here's some of my thoughts and conversations with the kids.

Eternal Life is better.

"Mom, why is there a boot print up in sky, is it God's?"  ~Liam

The kids love playing with the 4 baby kittens. and want to keep all 4. not happening! :)

Will I ever get caught up on house work?

I'm so thankful for that moment when Daddy walks into the door!

VBS song  "Who made you? God made me. Who made you? God made me. Who made you? God made me, I know God made me." Love that little song, even Aiden loves to sing it!

Thinking about closing my Face Book, but keeping just family.

Aiden has one had 1 potty accident in 2 days maybe he's got it! :)

I wish dishes in the sink would wash them selves!

Brown Sugar vs. Honey?

"She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue." Proverbs 31:26

I'd love to know some of your thoughts, would you please share some with me?
Have a Blessed day!


Wendi said...

Littles singing praise - beautiful!

If only dishes would wash themselves. Maybe the laundry too!! :)

Housework... sometimes I wonder why I bother. Seems as fast as I clean the littlest one in my care has it all undone.

I like brown sugar but I think honey is better for me.

Hearing the garage door open around 4:30 is one of the favorite parts of my day.

Have a great Wednesday!

NC Buckeye Fans said...

My trick to dishes and laundry is to teach the kiddos. I remember when my mom came to visit when I had my fourth we were all sitting in the kitchen and heard this beeping sound. My mom had no idea that my 3year old was putting in a load of laundry!

My thoughts always ho back to THESE KIDS ARE GROWING TOO fAST! One day we'd give anything for toys on the floor!

My other thought is how do you keep up with blotting? I need like 2 days to get all my stuff caught up.