Thursday, August 2, 2012


My Sweet Aiden LOVES Shoes!!!!
Mama's Shoes, Daddy's Shoes, any shoes he can find!
I often find him trying to get on someones.
He's so good at it that he can put most of his own shoes all by himself. and 90% of the time on the right feet! :)
 The other day I got these beauties at Good Will for $2 . I was excited!
Guess what? So was Aiden!

 Mama loves it when he puts on Daddy's! It's just way too cute!

I found this the other day and it reminded me of our Big Boy Aiden!

Brand New Shoes

I bought a brand new pair of shoes.
You simply have to see.
They're purple, pink, and pretty.
They're as lovely as can be.

They're topped with silver sparkles,
so they shimmer in the sun.
They're awesome when I'm walking
and they're stunning when I run.

The laces look like rainbows
and the backs have flashing lights.
The sides are lined with lightning bolts.
They're such amazing sights.

But now my friends avoid me
when they see me on the street.
Indeed, my shoes are pretty
but they smell like stinky feet.
--Kenn Nesbitt

So Cute!!!!
Have a Blessed Day!!!

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