Friday, August 3, 2012

VBS Week!

This past week was Vacation Bible School!!!
Our Kiddo's have been looking forward to this all summer and they just had a ball!!
With our church being a Generational Church, VBS looks a little different then I remember VBS being when I grew up. but to be honest with you, I'd rather have it this way. it's such a joy to see the parents and the children all together learning about the Lord!
The Them was "GOD Did It ALL"!

We used the music from Songs for Saplings.  I'll be doing a 6 CD give away here in a few days of their music . :) 
 The kiddos loved this guy, Pastor Wally did a Great job with him!
 My sweet Hubby doing a lesson on Creation!
 Whats VBS without games?
 Friday evening we had a big picnic, fried Chicken and all! :)
 One of the hilights was a Greased Pig!!
 Sorry the pix are a bit blurry, I was excited! Our Lanna Joy is there in the Red shirt!

 And Liam's age group, he's also there in the red shirt!
A couple of our helpers for the evening I couldn't do without!
 At the end of the evening they had a General Store! the kids loved all the yummy treats. Thanks ladies for all your hard work!
 Some of the adorable treats!
 Just too cute to eat!

Our Little Crew all dressed up for the picnic!!!

Here again is the link for Songs for Saplings Be on the look out for the review and giveaway next week!!!


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