Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Joys!

The new year has come and I'm way behind. but it's ok! Life has been a bus since we got home from our trip  for the Holidays. I'll share more about that later, on to the fun that we had in Indiana with my precious family!
Our family!
My parents and 21 grandchildren, #22 was born while we were home.
The men and the teens did an evening out called "Trading up" they stared out with a pineapple and ended the night with lots of yummy food that we shared on Christmas! they had a great evening together.
4 of the 5 high chairs! I love this shot. :)
Fun fellowship while pealing coffee beans.
Lots of cherished cousin time.

   Papa time!                                   
Jon and the guys spent the evening playing games Jon has created. it was a great time of fun.

My Grandma Zeigler and my Niece.
Then Christmas evening we went to the Clouse House, my Moms side of the family.
The kiddos had a ball with the cousins this year, it was great to see them playing.

The Twins helping with the Christmas story

Aiden "helping" Grandma!

Praying you had a wonderful Christ filled Christmas and a blessed start to the new year!

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