Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Addition!

2011 is here and I'm feeling so behind already! but by the grace of God this year will be a year of Joy and Blessing!
We've been busy with lots of little things here and there, but just enough to keep us hopping!
In the past I've talked about our Upstairs Addition getting finish, it is under way and is coming along nicely. We've picked out the paint colors and things and now were just waiting!!!
Being the cheapskate ( did I say that?) that I am I'm always looking through catalogs looking for fun new ways to decorate, but to make it look like the catalog, but do it for just a fraction of the price. I've been wanting to get new quilts for all the new Bedrooms. and so I've been saving and watching for good deals on E~bay and Clearence racks. I found the Boy's at a Garage Sale this past summer, so I can't say that it's new, but it's new to us!!! and can't wait to get it in their room all sent up.
Jon got ours for my Birthday, and I just love it. it's got all the "Primitive olde time" colors and Stars! and yesterday I got a quilt for Lanna's bed at TJ Max. for $29.99. in just the right colors.
I almost didn't get it cause it seemed like too much to spend! But I"m so excited to see it all come together. and to have more space almost makes me giddy!!!
Just one more thing that I'm so thrilled about with the upstairs getting finished is that the current kids room will become our office/craft/scrapbooking room!!!! I can't wait to have it all up here where I can work and get somethings done and not have to be downstairs in the chili basement!!! So my goal in to have all my scrapbooks up to date by the end of the year,but we'll see how that goes. I haven't scraped since Aiden was born! :}
So thats about all thats going on here in the busy Moorman household. except that it's snowing again! it was all just about gone, but not for long!
Well here's just a few pix for the Gmas of the kiddo's!

Our Very Happy Baby Boy who loves to Eat!!!!

The Kids first Snowman!!!
Have a blessed week!

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