Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tooo Much Stuff !!!

I've been thinking and praying over the past few weeks about " Stuff " and how it keeps me soooooo busy. Just trying keep up with the everyday life stuff that I get so over whelmed with.
So I've come to a point that I'm realizing that I'm missing sweet moments with my Savior, my Hubby and out 3 Little Treasures all because I'm trying to keep up with Stuff.
and all too soon my Babies will be all grown up and won't want Mama to love on them, and it breaks my heart.
So I've started to clear away some of that " Stuff " clutter, toys, clothes, books, decorations, all things that keep me busy with try to keep up!
And at times I have to admit that I'm ashamed to have people see how much we have, not that we have everything, but for only having 3 little ones we have Way tooo much.
So with that said...
I'm sooooo excited about the pile that's growing in our basement that's going into the Garage Sale this spring. It's all "Stuff" that's been keeping me busy and distracted from where I need to be right now.
I've decided that to help with keeping up with the kids clothes and " Mt. Washmore". That we don't need 10 shirts and 15 pants. We really just need 10 outfits that all match. And a jacket for spring and winter. Not all the clothes the we have now.
I've set aside a little chunk of each day to sort through some things. weather it be a closet or a toy ben, so when I get to start spring cleaning I'll be just a bit ahead of the game and have all the sorting done! It's ben fun and kinda freeing to see how much we can do without.
Like today I decided that we don't NEED 6 sets of sheets when we really only use one at a time. so why have 6? so I sorted through the sheets and now we have 2 spring- summer and 2 winter sets. and Oh how fun it is to have a closet thats all organized!!! to open it up and not have everything fall out on me, I'm sooooooooo thrilled.
And please don't think that I'm being judgemental if your home is not this way. This is just where the Lord has me . He has started a new work in my heart, and I'm not sure where He's taking me with this but I'm thrilled and excited to see where He leads and the next season for our family!
I'm excited too cause when we move upstairs here in a few weeks, we'll have some much less to move up there to clutter up things!
So simplicity here we come! it may take us all spring to get there, but I'm so excited to see where the Lord takes us from here. and my prayer is that He is glorified by our home.
I'll try and post a pix or two here soon so you can see how were doing!
I encourage you to think through what you have and what you really NEED, and what could either be given away or sold at a garage sale?
Then come back and post and let me know what your game plan is for your home!

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