Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aiden Macsheyne !

Here I come Mama!

This week Aiden is turning 9 months so I thought I'd share what he is doing right now!
He is Pulling up to everything, and side stepping all around it. He's been doing this for about 3 weeks now! So I'm sure walkig is not too far away! :(
He always has just a bit of his little lounge sticking out! My Dad does that if he's concentrating on a job at hand. so we say that he's being Papa!
He is very very content, but very busy trying to keep up with L & L.
He Loves to eat, but not so much baby food as to table food! and I just love to watch those chubby little fingers pick food up.
He got a new bouncy/jumping seat and loves to be in there too, It's great for Mama too. that way I know where he is. he's just way too fast for me some days. :)
His hair... that hint of red is so sweet I love it!!! I've always thought it would be fun to have a Little red head some day!
He does this little drama thing where he curls his arms and scrunches his face and screams a little letting us know that he wants something. it's cute right now, but we'll see if he keeps it up when he a little older!!!
He's so precious, and we thank the Lord for the 9 months that we've been blessed to have him in our lives!
Happy 9th Month Birthday baby boy!


mmwhan said...

OH they grow way too fast! He looks like he is doing the same thing as Kyle, she gets into everything now and is trying to walk instead of crawl.. I hate to see them grow up but each phase is fun!! What a cutie he really looks like Liam

mmwhan said...

have you taken Aiden out in the snow yet? I think Kylee is going to have her first play in the snow day this week in Michigan!