Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweater dresses!

I've been asked to do so step by step Instructions for my "Sweater dress" so I'll do my best to walk you through it! I'm not a sewing pro. just a Mama who thought this would be cute!!
and you May want to try on a "not so cute one" first. and learn from your first one too!

So here's what I did!

Start out with a Lady's sweater. and a little girls jumper about the size you want your dress to be!
It was all trial for me... but here we go!
Turn the sweater inside out.
I cut off the arms at the seams, trying to not cut off more them I needed too!( cause I wanted to have sm. arm holes)
Lay the jumper on the sweater and trace with a marker, allowing for the seams.
Depending on the sweater you'll need to work on the neck line. and see what works best for you.
Because mine was a V~neck it was really easy to just pull it over to where it looked good.

I used a Lg stitch to sew!

After Tracing the pattern Pin together at your tracing marks and sew up the sides. but allowing for the arm holes.

Turn and see what it looks like. I had to sew several times to get it to lay right. and look right!

I kept trying it on Lanna too see how it looked also!

Because if the way that the sweater was knit I didn't need to sew around the arm holes. it won't fray. but give it that Vintage look that I was going for. but you'll be able to see if yours needs to be as your working.

if so just use a sm stitch and start at the bottom seam and sew around.

I'm not sure how a reg. sweater would be different, but I have one to try here in the next few days. so I'll try and let you know how it goes!

So that's what I did. and if there is someone who's done this to and has more insight and input to add. I'd love it!

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