Monday, January 30, 2012

Elhanna Joy!

This has been a crazy week for our little family everyone got the flu bug and so with that y'all know how the house falls apart when Mama gets sick.... well that sure was the case here.
So this week it's my goal to get all caught up on our blogging!! so with all that said here is a blog all about our little Lanna girl!!

Elhanna Joy!!!

She has become quite the Little Lady in the past few weeks and months.
She is 3 1/2, and so ready to be 4. she often reminds us that she is going to be "4 to be BIG like Bubby." but the funny thing is, she is just about as tall as Liam. 
She Loves her babies and has given each one a name, we often find her tucked in her room playing
"Mommy" nursing all 6 of them. and singing them sweet little songs.  and when she's done with that she tucks them all into their beds. I love to see how her Mothering instincts have begin and I'm excited to lead her now  towards being "Lord willing" a godly wife and mother some day. 

See even her baby needs a ride on the silly carts!
She is such a sweetie and a good helper, but I do have to say that she is not always a morning person, we're working on that one! :)

What a blessing she is to have in our family, and a joy to be lent to us by the Lord for such a short time.
We love you Lanna Joy!

We pray nightly in our family devotions, that with all our little "arrows" that the Lord is finding us faithful in teaching, leading, guiding and instructing them for His glory so that someday soon, He will call each of them to Himself, to the saving knowledge of who He is and repent of their sins, and serve Him to the fullest all the rest of their days here on earth!!! So that to when they are older He can send them out to the mission field, or where ever He see fit to send them.

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